Graphic Designer Eric Benito founded Vicious Art, Inc. in 2013. His inspiration stemmed from his talent for communicating design and a dedication to honoring his late childhood friend. Eric took a leap of faith by leaving his day job to create a clothing brand that would embody ambition in everyday life.

Thus, Vicious Art Clothing was born, aiming to design a brand that represents the community's voice and visualizes the power of positive thinking, staying motivated, and turning dreams into reality through a unique approach. The brand draws influence from hip hop and skateboarding culture, as well as the common struggles people encounter.

The "stay on tracks" collection focuses on guiding individuals towards their aspirations. It emphasizes the importance of staying focused on one's hopes, faith, and present dreams, as motivation is the key to achieving ultimate success. By keeping your focus, you can arrive at your goals sooner, just like tracks are designed to lead to quicker achievements.

Vicious Art's mission is to spread ambition to those who might forget that anything is possible as long as they don't give up. Their motto, "In life, you can never stay satisfied, always stay hungry," encapsulates their belief in the power of continuous drive and determination.