Vicious Art, Inc. was founded by Graphic Designer Eric Benito in 2013.
Eric's talent to communicate design and a dedication to the passing of
his childhood friend continues to be his inspiration. Eric took the risk
of quitting his day job to focus on building a clothing brand that
would embrace ambition in everyday life.

Vicious Art Clothing was assembled to design a brand for the community
that would be able to voice and visualize: thinking positive, staying motivated,
and making dreams a reality by a unique element. The Vicious Art brand is
influenced by the culture of hip hop, skateboarding, and common
struggles people come across.

The "stay on tracks" collection is about getting where you WANT to go, it is
inspired to keep you focused on your hopes, faith, and dreams right NOW
as long as you are motivated  you will achieve your greatest success.
Tracks are made for a sooner  arrival time, so keeping your focus will
take you to your achievement sooner.

Vicious Art's purpose is to spread out ambition for
those whom forget, anything is possible as long as you do not give up.
"In life you can never stay satisfied, always stay hungry", that is the